About us:

The L2 Resurrection server is made by players for other players and people who love to play L2...

It is created by people who in the years 2002 - 2007 were part of the administration team, players and loyal fans of the server with the same name

We want this new server to remind us of the good old days, refer to the best place we've ever played Lineage 2, and also become a home for new players who may one day remember L2-REZ in the same way as we are.

Welcome on Lineage 2 Resurrection server !

Remember !
Stay safe in L2-REZ! Use secure links. Make sure that the links related to our site are properly secured and lead to the correct page. Remember about the HTTPS security protocol that protects your personal information online!

- Basic info -


EXP x 12
SP x12
Adena x6
Drop items / RB drop x10
Spoil x10
Drop quest items x1


Safe enchant = 3
Max Enchant = 16
Mormal Scroll chance = 60%
Blessed Scroll chance = 60% (does not crystallize items)
Crystal Scroll chance = 10% (does not crystallize items and does not reduce the previous enchant on items). Possible to obtain by collectiong medals only.

- Server settings: -

Autocreate account on login page: NOT (you must register account on our website to play.
Time Server, Site and Forum = GMT +1 (CE time)
Duration of buffs, Dances and Songs = retail
Olympiad max enchant = +6
Non class olympiad games starts from 6 characters
Class olympiad games starts from 11 characters
In game extra anti bot system
Anti bot system (GameGuard)
Geodata and Patchnodes = Yes
Subclass quest - not
Subclass max lvl - 80
Master class - yes
Auto lern skills - Yes - but Master Class Skills need to be learnt by forgotten scrolls
Auto loot - yes, but not for RB
Offline mode shop
Vitality system
Champions System
Wedding system
Weight limit x3
Dual Box: Main + 1box

- Extra features: -

Advanced Achievement Engine
Community board in game Drop Calculator
Improved Buff Shop - players can sell / buy buffs
.dressme system
Auction Panel
Automated In-game Paypal Donation

- Game Play: -

You must know that there is no global GK on our server, also no bots aloved and we have no mana potions enabled here but drop of mana cherbs is x3 and also pet Improved Kookaburra gives you 2x more mana. So there is no problem with MP on farm, but You will need mana supporters anyway.

On our server you can experience a real clash between the forces of Dusk and Dawn!

We have special Anakim's and Lilith's necklaces for you that greatly increase your CP/MP regen in real time. But they are not easy to get.

Medals play a very important role here, they can be exchanged not only for soul crystals, but also to buy crystal enchant armor: B/A/S! Of course, for the right price! These enchants are only available for medals, there is no other way to obtain them. (no drop, no donation)