Opening of a brand new server - H5 x12
January 10, 2023

Opening of a brand new server - 15.02.2023 !
The main info: server L2 Resurrection x12 H5:
- Rates x12
- Test server opened 08.01.23
- Server advertising has already started.
- A big update with the achievement system, in game drop calculator, buff shop for the players, in game donation system and much more...

Fair olympiad games - enchant reduced to +6 on oly.
No mana potions, but we've made some easy ways to farm a magic classes without it...

No NPC buffer - every class playable !

Buff shop avieliable, where players can buy / sell buff

There is no quests for class and subclass !

More informations about the server features here


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Support for a new clans !
We really care about cooperation with well-coordinated groups of players.   Therefore, our administration is going to meet the expectations, making it easier for you to...
08 January, 2023
About the project
The L2 Resurrection server is made by players for other players and people who love to play L2... It is created by people who in the years 2002 - 2007 were part of t...
07 January, 2023

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